Snipers Baseball LLC, an Elite Baseball Club organization and RedLine Athletics, sport-specific youth athletic training centers, announces today its partnership to provide youth athletes with pro-level athletic training.

Our focus at Snipers Baseball is youth baseball, ensuring they are performing at their optimum level to prepare for their next level; whether its middle school baseball, high school baseball, college baseball or professional baseball while mitigating their risk of injury,” says Tom Horn, founder of Snipers Baseball. “By integrating our philosophy into RedLine’s training youth athletes can immediately benefit from consistent training that boosts their performance in areas like speed, power and core.”

Snipers Baseball system of exercise and training at RedLine Athletics training centers focuses on decreasing injury, optimizing performance and enhancing its philosophy of “pre-hab” vs. re-hab and recovery for all youth athletes. RedLine Athletics trainers will use the platform to create individual targeted programs for each athlete’s needs designed to improve durability, flexibility, speed, strength and hitting, as well as to educate parents, coaches and athletes using “Fusionetics Software” which is a proprietary system of exercise and recovery solutions which allows athletics a tangible visual on their performance on a quarterly basis.

Fusionetics technology is an evidence-based human performance and training platform, and RedLine Athletics, sport-specific youth athletic training centers, with pro-level athletic training and recovery solutions. With the integration of Fusionetics technology into RedLine Athletics’ clientele will benefit from the same performance healthcare system that is used by collegiate sports teams and more than 60 professional teams, including the Atlanta Falcons, San Antonio Spurs, Detroit Red Wings and the UFC.

“We are excited to offer our young athletes the chance to train and perform at the same level as the pros,” says P.J Garcia General Managers of RedLine Athletics Scottsdale, Arizona. T.J Bean Director of Business Development “says he excited about this new partnership which will help the development of all Snipers Baseball youth athletics and looks forward to the long and great partnership”.

With customized training programs for multiple sports, including baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, football, volleyball and basketball, RedLine Athletics’ sport-specific model complements club teams, town recreational leagues and high school programs for ages 8 to 18.